5 Elements of Health

The Five Elements are a framework looks to balance a person’s internal physiology, and to harmonize their relationship with society and the Earth.

  • Movement

    The human body is an organic machine designed to move. Until the last 100 years, we were outside and active. Now we are inside and inactive. Being more sedentary has caused our bodies to stagnate. This stagnation can be seen in every level of the body:

    • Skin issues from impaired access to resources
    • Adhesions in white tissues such as the IT band
    • Trigger points in muscles
    • Pooling lymph
    • Thicker blood
    • Congested organs

    Improving health includes physically repairing your organic machine.

  • Mental/Emotional Health

    The mind affects the body, and the body affects the mind. Improving health is not just about improving your body’s physical and physiologic function, it is also about improving your mental health. This includes your internal dialogue, how you view the world, how you perceive what others say and do, how you react, and how you communicate.

  • Nourishment

    Humans require nourishment of the mind, body and spirit. Without a healthy body, one cannot work at the level of the mind or spirit. Obtaining a healthy body starts with repairing the digestive tract, and enabling the repair system.

  • Breath Work

    The breathe is your innate tool to heal your nervous system.

  • Sleep Health

    Our hectic lives are very draining. Managing our stress, balancing our minds, and getting restorative sleep are important to avoid chronic inflammation and disease and maintain needed function.

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