Nourishing Your Body

There are many ways to nourish yourself, food is one of them.
Nourishing food is clean and full of nutrients. The more local it is, organic, pasture-raised, grown in revitalized soil, the more nutrients it will contain.
If your goal is to improve your health, reverse a disease, or prevent one, the more nutrient-dense your diet, the more resources you will be providing to your organic machine, and the less inflammation you will create. This is an excellent base which I call the Paleo Reset Diet. But it can be personalized, tweeked, or modified further:
  • Reset your system
  • Reduce gas in the digestive tract
  • Heal the gut wall
  • Reduce saturated fat
  • Avoid stimulating the immune system
  • Prioritize healthy fats
  • The Paleo Diet
  • Low-FODMAP Diet
  • The GAPS Diet
  • Mediterranean Paleo
  • Autoimmune Paleo
  • Ketogenic Diet

Another important modification is to your total calories. Calories are energy, and the way you use your body determines what type of energy needs you have.

Calculating your total calories determines how much energy you need to maintain basic metabolic function, to gain, maintain, or loose weight, or to support how you move. The number of calories you need on a movement day depends on the intensity of your movement. Endurance type movement thrives on fat for fuel, where bursts of movement require glucose.