Blood Sugar Management

The sugar we eat is used by our bodies as fuel.

Our pancreas secretes the hormone insulin to pull the sugar out of our blood and send it to our cells for immediate use, to our liver for short-term storage, or our fat cells for long-term storage.

The pancreas also secretes a hormone called glucagon when sugar is low and needed by the body. This signals the liver to release stored glycogen and turn it back into usable glucose.

A common issue we see today is pancreatic insufficiency. The pancreas not only makes and excretes the hormones insulin and glucagon for blood sugar management, but it also secretes pancreatin, a mixture of enzymes used to break down the food we eat.

To avoid pancreatic insufficiency, we should avoid overworking our pancreas by not only eating nutrient-dense foods versus nutrient-poor foods which require a lot of work for little gain, but also by managing our blood sugar with diet.

By balancing your blood sugar throughout the day with food, you can avoid unnecessary stimulation of these hormones. When these hormones are over-utilized, over time, the body will reduce their production. This reduction can contribute to numerous health issues.

Signs that your blood sugar is unstable

  • Blood Sugar is Low
  • Fatigue
    Cognitive impairment
    Behavioral changes
    An irregular heart rhythm
    Pale skin
  • Blood Sugar is High
  • Fatigue, especially after eating
    Increased thirst
    Brain fog
    Nausea and/or Vomiting
    Blurred vision
    Frequent urination
    Tingling in hands and feet

Many studies have shown that even high-normal blood sugar, according to the current lab references ranges, is associated with significantly higher risk of diabetes, heart disease, and other conditions. So we need to identify and address blood sugar issues early.

It can be difficult, if not impossible, to reverse disease once patient’s with high blood sugar get to a certain point. Early intervention can save irreversible beta cell death, which are the cells that produce insulin to remove sugar from the blood.

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