About Jenn

Board Certified in Holistic Medicine

Chinese & Functional Medicine Practitioner

Certified Herbalist

Licensed Acupuncturist

Internal Arts & Functional Health Coach

Health is the greatest possession.

Lao Tzu

Like many practitioners, my personal health challenges led me to medicine. Since doctors could not figure out why my bones were weak at the age of 20, causing my lower back fracture, or how to keep them strong, I had to take a diet and lifestyle approach to figure out what worked for me. This led me to internal martial arts, and subsequently, Chinese medicine, known for assessing the body without diagnostic testing.

After graduating as a Chinese Medical Practitioner, Herbalist and Acupuncturist, and practicing internal martial arts for many years, I wanted to integrate nutrition and testing into my existing knowledge, which led me to Functional Medicine.

After training in Functional Medicine with Chris Kresser, I began teaching Functional Health to his future Functional Health Coaches. I also completed his Functional Health Coaching training since determining what is going to help someone most, and creating a personalized care plan, is often not enough for someone to be successful. Supporting people with behavior change is also important.

After years of training, I now felt comfortable using food, herbs, supplements, movement, hands-on therapies, stress management and behavior change tools to help myself and others. I also came to realize that such personalized medicine was not accessible to people without amazing health insurance, or lots of money. By combining Chinese Medicine with Functional Medicine, I could reduce the need for so many functional tests up front, personalize the diet and botanical treatments further than what functional medicine practitioners were doing, while saving people money! Let me help you!

I create personalized care plans to target your symptoms, while harmonizing your systems which will enable the body’s innate intelligence to generate health

Education and Trainings


Diplomat of Oriental Medicine and Nationally Certified Herbalist


Enrolled in the Advanced Training in Gu Syndrome & Complex Chronic Illness to accumulate more clinical experience and receive deeper herbal training.


Completed the Uprooting Lyme Mentorship Program which provides in-depth practitioner training in the holistic treatment of Lyme and complex, chronic disease.


Completed Dr. Stephen Cowan and Moshe Heller’s JingShen Pediatric Certification Program


Integrating Functional Medicine with TCM: Detox Protocols for Liver, Kidney, and LymphaticsJake Fratkin


Using Herbal Medicines to Modify the Microbiota – Dr Jason Hawrelak


ADAPT-Certified Functional Health Coach (A-CFHC)Kresser Institute


Spirit of the HerbsThea Elijah
Chinese Herbal Medicine from a 5 Element perspective


Growing the Dao – Dr. Stephen Cowan
Helping kids thrive with Chinese Medicine


Facial Rejuvenation with Acupuncture, Acupressure and Massage – Virginia Doran


Kresser Institute for Functional and Evolutionary Medicine
ADAPT Framework Level 1 Trained


Apex Energetics Functional Medicine Trainings – Datis Kharrazian’s content
Mastering Blood Chemistry
Mastering the Thyroid
Mastering Brain Chemistry


The Treatment of Children with Chinese Medicine Daniel Camburn, MSTCM, LAc


Zheng Gu Tui Na – Dan Wunderlich
Neurofunctional Electroacupuncture of Upper and Lower Extremities


Sports Medicine Acupuncture – Matt Callison


Pediatrics – Alex Tiberi


Pacific College of Health and Science
Bachelors in Professional Studies
Masters of Science in Traditional Oriental Medicine


Saint Leo University Langley Air Force Base
Bachelors in Psychology